Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mind of a downhiller

Posted by Will (Waterloo, Iowa)

A couple of weeks ago, while spending a week with my family at my Sister's farm in Northeast Iowa, I was able to visit with my Nephew's girlfriend who had skied competitively in Downhill and Super G. And had some questions answered that I found interesting.

In reply to my question of how far ahead she skied while racing... My Nephew's girlfriend answered that she skied two gates ahead... while she was racing Super G... contantly in her mind going two gates ahead... back to where she was... and two gates ahead again...

In reply when I asked if... like a Indianapolis Race Car Driver, who have been known to drive their race cars at breakneck speeds around the track... and after coming back into the pits... asking their girlfriend who that guy was they were talking to in the grandstands... as they were out racing... If while hurtling down the slope in a downhill race... if they noticed things along the course... like some guy standing along the slope? My Nephew's girlfriend answered... "That if you noticed things like that while racing... at speeds sometimes up to 65 MPH... you weren't doing your job... You were not IN THE ZONE..."

Also during our conversation... she went down into the TUCK POSITION... and the competitive look on her face and in her eyes... I wish I had had my camera...

Anyway I thought it was interesting... and thought I would share it...

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