Sunday, January 31, 2010

Antique Oxford sample skis

Where did you find these?

If in North America, I'd guess these were made during the 1920s, probably of white pine. Might be a Canadian brand -- they were fond of Anglophile names. May have been made anywhere between Minnesota and Maine, including Ontario and Quebec. If white pine, these were relatively cheap skis, carved from single plank, steamed to shape. How many base grooves? Is there a hole bored through laterally for a Huitfeldt binding?

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Default Info for Antique "OXFORD" Wood Salesman Sample Skis

Interested in knowing/learning any history of the "OXFORD" wood ski manufacturer if anyone can help. I purchased two (2) pairs of 24" long salesman sample skis bearing this mark - these were used by salesman rather than carrying around the full size product.

Photos can be viewed on eBay under item numbers 110446640324 (Alpine skis) and 120481550431 (Nordic skies). I estimate the age to be early 20th Century.

Appreciate any information that can be provided.

Thanks in advance!


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