Thursday, October 7, 2010

From Ken Moore

Has Skiing Heritage done a piece on Fritz and Moo-Moo Wiesner? They spent a season in Aspen. a lot of fun and Moo-Moo never took off her fur coat. Their xmas card had a photo of their two very good looking kids.

Did you ever use HuxFlux on your x-country skiis? Dick Durrance gave me some a long time ago. I was with the rescue party that went up Snowmass Creek with Charlie Houston when he discovered that some high altitude sickness was a heart, not a lung, condition. We used skins but Dick used wax and beat us all to the victim.
This rescue began around 5 am on new year's day which meant no partying for the group. Our wives were not too happy about this. I had a medical book with this story in it but moved and lost it. It had a  photo of the rescue group on the trail. Maybe Bob Craig has a copy?

Also, has Skiing Heritage done an article on  the New England college ski team competitions after the Durrance years?  I was skiing for Williams in 1940-41 & 42. Dartmouth and New Hampshire were strong. Great bunch of guys  in those years. That's when Percy Rideout put Beat Me Daddie Boogie on a victrola before anyone was awake and the Dartmouth team ran across all the lined-up cots the teams were sleeping on in the Middlebury gym.

I am more or less house bound and working to keep my memory alive. Skiing Heritage is a great help in this endeavour.

--Ken Moore

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