Tuesday, July 27, 2010

1964 Olympic poster: Who is the skier?

Hey, Corky here...   I received an inquiry from a skiing fan in Michigan who recently read the article on my career in SKIING HERITAGE...  He asked me if I knew who the skier is in this 1964 Winter Olympic poster.  I remember the poster well as it was hanging on the wall in the Pine Chalet where I lived during my first winter in 1964 as a ski instructor on the Sun Valley Ski School staff...  I dimly remember thinking it was shot by Fred Lindholm or maybe Willy Bogner...  Not sure, though, and never did know who the skier is...

If anyone knows, could you please send me a note and I'll pass the skier's identity along to the skiing "fan" in Michigan...

Thanks and have a good one! 

--Corky Fowler

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